Jim McHugh Under-12 Memorial Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 2022

In keeping with the spirit of this u12 tournament, please ensure where possible, particularly in the earlier rounds, that ‘hammerings’ are avoided. This can be achieved by running your bench and using common sense. This is the first time that many of these u12 players will have played or experienced a tournament setting outside of the ‘Go Games’ fixtures .

Match Rules:

  • 15-a-side, unlimited substitutions

  • 13 aside if both teams agree

  • Panel size should be no more than 25

  • All games 25-minutes a side

  • Home club to provide official referee

  • All games 25-minutes a side

  • In the event of a tie, the result of the match played between them will apply

  • In the event of a further tie, scores will decide final placing in group

  • Extra time in all semi/finals where needed, 7mins a half

  • In the event of a tie after extra time a kick-off from the 45 out of the hands (best of 5) sudden death there after

  • Pitch size 21m line to 21m and full width

Playing Rules:

  • 2 plays of the ball then play away

  • 45's off the ground, from the 45 meter line

  • No penalties, 13yd free from hands, however persistent fouling as a means of avoiding penalties will involve a black card.

  • Goals count for 3 points, over the bar counts for 1 point

  • 2 points awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a draw

  • Girls must play boys rules (toe under the ball)

  • Black card will apply

  • The use of the ‘Mark’ will not apply in this competition

Rules for Coaches:

  • Only mentors will be allowed on the sidelines for Finals

  • No coaching beside goal’s, umpires behind the goals

  • Tournament Game’s must not impede on County U11/13 fixtures

  • All players and mentors should be made aware that the theme of the tournament is ‘to respect the referee’

Fixture Rules:

  • Any team that leaves the field of play before full time will concede the match

  • Any team that doesn’t fulfill a fixture will be removed from the competition

  • Games have to be played off between Sunday and the following Saturday of the week that they are fixed for on the fixtures list

Tournament Logistics:

  • The organising committee's decision is final on all Tournament matters.

  • 50 euros entry fee to be paid at launch/information night

  • Results to be texted back to Paraic Joyce, at 0872122095 along with referees name

  • League tables will be posted on the Garrycastle GAA website and updated weekly