Leinster Champions 2011

The Leinster club championship journey 2011 was a major milestone for Garrycastle GAA club.

The first Westmeath team to win the Leinster Club Senior Football championship.

Following on from that, the road went all the way to Croke Park on St. Patricks day for the All-Ireland Senior Club Football final, and replay in Cavan.

Follow the journey on the following pages....

The Road to Croke Park | Team Picture | Squad Pen Pictures | The Garrycastle Song

Cornamaddy National School is a major feeder school for Garrycastle GAA. Indeed, it was in Cornamaddy NS that the early meetings to decide on, and set up the club were held. It was therefore fitting that the two pupils from Cornamaddy NS composed the Garrycastle song for the All-Ireland Club Senior Football Championship final.

The song was written, and performed, by Julie Ryan and Aoife Sleven, collectively J'Aoife. You can listen to the song on the Cornamaddy national school website here.


The Red and Green - Garrycastle Song (to the air of Galway Girl)
(Composed by Julie Ryan & Aoife Slevin - J'Aoife)

Well I took a stroll down the Altown Road on the Day I Ay I Ay

Saw a little club on the left hand side and I stopped to watch them play

And I ask you boys how do think you’ll do?

On St Paddy’s Day we’ll be cheering for you.

From the Cusack Stand down to Hill 16

We’ll be shouting for the Red and Green

Well it all began in 81 - here in Cornamaddy School

The teachers here must be so proud - as you taught these boys the rules

We have Fox and Brown - The McCallons too

We have Diggy Duignan to name but a few

So on Paddy’s Day if you’ve nothing to do

Get the bus at Dan’s and follow the crew

So come on Garrycastle in the Red and Green - You can really win that cup

Beat the Rangers boys from Crossmaglen and really show them up

You’ll have the craic - when you shout and scream

And fly the flag of Red and Green

Yes we’ll have the craic - with the winning team

It’s Garrycastle in the Red and Green