Summer Street League 2013

Teams (and playing colours)

Team: Coosan (playing in Green). Manager: Chris Lennon

Team : Moydrum, (playing in White). Manager: Stephen McCarthy

Team : Retreat (playing in (Yellow). Manager: Ger O'Donoghue

Team : Town (playing in Orange). Manager: Michael Murtagh

Schedule and Results

Cup Winners 2013 : Coosan

Shield Winners 2013 : Town

League Table

This table was last updated on: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rules etc.

    1. Games are played on a pitch sized 30m x 45m (same as U8 Go Games).

    2. All matches are 2 x 10-minute halves.

    3. The street league to be run over 3 evenings, with a finals day towards end of July.

    4. Each team will play 2 matches each evening - they will play all teams twice over the 3 evenings.

    5. Scores will be kept, and a league table created to reflect the match results.

    6. Games will be 8-a-side (or 7-a-side or 9-a-side as dictated by numbers present).

    7. All players who attend should play some part of the match.

    8. All scores are the same (i.e. goals and points are the same).

    9. For finals day, the first two teams in the league will play in a "cup final".

    10. The teams in third and fourth place will play in a "shield final".

    11. All players will get medals, (or trophies), depending on cost etc