Post date: Jun 13, 2021 8:5:29 AM

Garrycastle 2-08 Rosemount 1-10

In the first game of the year Garrycastle came away from Rosemount with 2 league points after surviving a late comeback. Garrycastle s last score came in the 47th minute which gave them a 7 point lead and with an extra man, after a Rosemount player had received a red card, a comfortable win was expected. However that was anything but the case as Rosemount came storming back into the game. Helped by a penalty in the 54th minute they pressed hard and with the lead cut to a point time ran out on them.

Playing against a strong wind in the first half the Garrycastle players found scores hard to come by early on. Rosemount got the first two points before Cathal Mannion opened the Garrycastle tally with a sweet point off his left after 10 minutes. Tom O'Halloran netted when the ball was recycled after his first shot was off target. Anther goal came from a penalty by Tom o'Halloran when Mark McCallon was fouled. Two frees from Cathal Mannion completed Garrycastle's first half tally to leave the halftime score 2-3 to O-5 in our favour.

Rosemount had a man black carded at the end of the first half. In the third quarter Garrycastle were on top and outscored Rosemount by 0-5 to 0-2, the points coming from Michael Monaghan, Adam Kennedy, Mickey Greene, Conor Cosgrove and Jason Nugent. In addition, Rosemount had a player sent off for a double yellow. Garrycastle lost their shape and were under a lot of pressure in the last 10 minutes as Rosemount ran at them. The late stages of the game were uncomfortable for Garrycastle and the final whistle was very welcome.

GARRYCASTLE:- Sean Brennan, Mathew Guiheen, Jack Donohoe, Fergal McKiernan, Jason Nugent (0-1), John Gaffey, Mark McCallon, Eoin Monaghan, Eoin Mulvihill, Conor Cosgrove (0-1), Tom O'Halloran (2-0, 1-0 pen), Michael Monaghan (0-1), Cathal Mannion (0-2, 0-1f), Adam Kennedy (0-1), Ger Henaghan (0-1). Subs Mickey Greene (0-1) for Ger Henaghan: Kieran O'Neill for Adam Kennedy.