Boys Under-12 Jim McHugh Tournament Shield Final

Post date: Jun 21, 2021 8:30:56 PM


The 2020 Shield final was played last Sunday evening in Garrycastle and saw a more balanced St. Brigids team run out winners after a competitive game of football. The game started with a Garrycastle goal followed by 2 Brigids goals in quick succession. With the score at 2-3 to 1-0 Garrycastle hit the net for their 2nd goal. The score at the first water break was 3-4 to 2-1 in favour of the visitors. The first half of the 2nd quarter was all Garrycastle and they led by 4-3 to 3-4 briefly. Just before halftime Brigids regained the upper hand adding 3 goals to their tally to Garrycastles one point.

The 3rd quarter was competitive but Garrycastle were unable to reduce the deficit with 7 points between the sides at the 2nd water break. In the final quarter, the play of a tiring Garrycastle team became disjointed and they were outscored by 1-4 to 0-2. There were plenty of good football skills on show including good catching, kicking and blocking. Garrycastle players kicked some very good long range points. Garrycastle had strong players in the midfield area who dominated for periods but over the hour the more balanced St. Brigids team won out.

Team: 1. Aidan Costello 2. Senan Nugent 3. Jack Tucker Mc Callon 4. Jack Dowling 5. James Derwin 6. Rory O'Connor 7. Daniel Stankard 8. Darragh Glennon 9. James Derwin 10. Ryan Kilmurray 11. Tyrese Quinn 12. Jack Kilmurray 13. Conor Keegan 14. Dylan Nicholson 15. Scott Lowe 16. Eoin Joyce 17. Tadhg Johnston 18. Fionn Murphy 19. James Kelly 20. Breen Redmond 21. Oisin Donohue 22. Kosie David Okpe 23. Conor McCormack 24. Conor Sheils 24. Brandon Gallagher 25. Louie Shine (injured).