Match Reports Adult

Junior Football Championship (Section A) [22 August 2021]

Garrycastle 2-06, St. lomans Mullingar 0-19

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Senior Football Championship (Section A) [21 August 2021]

Garrycastle 4-13, Tyrellspass 1-12

A dominant second half display by Garrycastle resulted in an easy win for our boys. Playing with the wind in the first half Tyrrellspass dominated a lot of the exchanges and took some nice scores. At the other end good passing moves by Garrycastle opened up goal chances, three of which were taken and another good chance missed the target. The first two came from Alex Gardiner and Jason Nugent after passes from James Dolan and Michael Monaghan. The third came just before halftime when a Jason Nugent shot was saved and John Gaffey knocked the rebound into the net. Midway through the half the Garrycastle defence were caught napping when Tyrrellspass took a quick free which ended up in the net. Garrycastle led by a point at halftime 3-5 to 1-10 when it was expected that the game would be very close.

However, Garrycastle totally dominated the first 10 minutes of the second half and added 5 points to their tally. At this stage Tyrrellspass hardly got their hands on the ball. The scoring rate slowed but Tyrrellspass couldn't make any inroads on the scoreline at all. The scores began to come again after the water break for the Castle who added 1-3 to Tyrrellspass' 0-2.

In the end it was a solid display by the Castle, helped by the 2nd half collapse by the opposition. A feature of the game was the performance of Alex Gardiner who was totally totally dominant.

Garrycastle: Sean Brennan, Mark McCallon, Jack Donohoe, Gary McCallon (0-1), James Dolan, John Gaffey (1-0), Eoin Monaghan (0-2), Eoin Mulvihill (0-1), Justin Barrett (0-1), Tom O'Halloran, Michael Monaghan (0-1), Doron Harte, Cathal Mannion, Alex Gardiner (2-8), Jason Nugent (1-0).

Subs used: Andrew Monaghan, James Sheeran, Adam Kennedy.

Senior Football Championship (Section A) [6 August 2021]

Garrycastle 0-09, Athlone 0-09

A difficult late free converted by Alex Gardiner levelled this game just before the final whistle leaving Garrycastle supporters breathing a sigh of relief. This was a dour hard fought game in which Garrycastle lost Conor Cosgrove and Mathew Guiheen with injuries in the first 15 minutes and Mark McCallon for 10 minutes on a black card towards the end of the first half. On the other hand Athlone lost a player on a red card midway in the second half.

Playing with the wind in the first half Garrycastle found it very difficult to penetrate the Athlone defence who were tackling in packs and forced a number of turnovers. Garrycastle got the first 3 points through Conor Cosgrove, Mark McCallon and Michael Monaghan but by the first water break Athlone had reduced the lead to one. Two Alex Gardiner points increased the lead for the Castle at half time to 3 which was increased to 4 by Eoin Monaghan in the first minute of the second half. With the help of the wind Athlone got 3 on the trot before Alex Gardiner increased the Castle lead to 2. Three more Athlone points gave them the lead for the first time. Garrycastle were getting more possession in the last quarter but missed goal chances and frees didn't help their cause. Late points were shared (Cathal Mannion scoring a free) before that late Gardiner free rescued a point for the Castle. This was a close call and much improvement will be needed to progress.

Garrycastle: Sean Brennan, Mathew Guiheen, Jack Donohoe, Gary McCallon, James Dolan, John Gaffey, Mark McCallon (0-1), Eoin Mulvihill, Justin Barrett, Tom O'Halloran, Eoin Monaghan (0-1), Michael Monaghan (0-1), Conor Cosgrove(0-1), Alex Gardiner (0-4), Adam Kennedy.

Subs used: Andrew Monaghan, Doron Harte, Jason Nugent, Cathal Mannion (0-1).

Junior Football Championship (Section A) [7 August 2021]

Garrycastle 3-11, Coralstown/Kinnegad 1-12

Our juniors had a good win in the first round of the championship on Sunday last. They were against a strong wind in the first half and were 4 points down after 5 minutes.They then began to find their feet and moving the ball well they scored 3 points on the trot. With the score at 5 points to 3 after the water break Mickey Greene worked his way through the defence to find the net and take the lead for Garrycastle. With 6 minutes left in the half a Coralstown Kinnegad player got a black card. Three points to two in favour of Coralstown/Kinnegad left the halftime score level at 1-5 to 0-8 which with the wind to come looked a good position for our lads.

Facing a sweeper in the second half Garrycastle found it hard to transfer the ball to attack by foot and many of their short passing moves broke down. As a result they found scores hard to come by and were outscored 1-3 to 0-2 in the third quarter. But in time they got a better hold on play and scores began to come. A foul on Kenny Dolan resulted in a penalty which Ger Henaghan converted. Now in control of play they added points before an intricate short passing move ended with Anthony Larkin palming the ball into the net ensuring a win.

Garrycastle: Shane Moran, John Sharkey, Fergal McKiernan, Sean Carey, Gary Mullery, Anthony Larkin (1-0), Cathal Redmond, Jonathan Maguire (0-1), Bill Kelly, Enda Keena (0-3),Ciaran O'Neill, Brian Ruane (0-1), Kenny Dolan, Ger Henaghan (1-5), Mickey Greene (1-1).

Subs Conor Duignan for Jonathan Maguire; Cillian Lyons for John OShea; Unity for Brian Ruane.

ACFL Div. 1 [24 July 2021]

Garrycastle 4-14, Shandonagh 0-16

Garrycastle gained their third win in the Div 1 league on Saturday evening away in Shandonagh. It was a very open game with attackers in general on top. The main difference between the teams was that Garrycastle were better able to create and take goal chances, getting three in the first half and one on the second. At half time the score was 3-7 to 0-8, after Shandonagh had whatever benefit there was in the wind.

The second half was evenly contested with little between the sides. Worryingly for Garrycastle the opposition were able to score on too many of their attacks.

Garrycastle: Sean Brennan, Mathew Guiheen, Mark McCallon, Gary McCallon, Bill Kelly, John Gaffey, Andrew Monaghan, Eoin Mulvihill, James Dolan, Tom O'Halloran, Justin Barrett, Eoin Monaghan, Conor Cosgrove, Michael Monaghan, Alex Gardiner.

Subs used: Doran Harte, Jason Nugent, Cathal Mannion, Kenny Dolan, Enda Keena, Brian Ruane.

ACFL Div. 4 [23 July 2021]

Garrycastle 1-16, The Downs 3-12

The Div 4 team lost narrowly to The Downs in the cross county league on a scoreline of 3-12 to 1-16. It was an even game but the ability of the Downs to get goals was the difference. At half time the Downs led by 1-8 to 0-8 and still had a three point lead at the 2nd half water break. A Garrycastle goal by Adam Keena levelled the game and with time running out the Castle led by 2 but a goal and a point by the Downs gave them the win.

Garrycastle: J Anderson, J. O'Shea-Sharkey, F.McKiernan, S. Carey, C. Lyons, A Larkin, C Redmond, C McKiernan, J McGuire, B. Ruane, C. O'Neill, G Mullery, K. Dolan, G. Heneghan, M Greene. Subs used: D Guinan, A. Keena, P McKiernan.

ACFL Div 1 [9 July 2021]

Garrycastle 2-12 Mullingar Shamrocks 0-12

Our seniors came out on top of the league game played in Garrycastle on Friday evening last. This was a lively game played in a competitive spirit and at the end of the day the goals were the difference between the sides. Both came in the first half, one from Alex Gardiner at the end of a good move and the other by Conor Cosgrove who punched to the net after a speculative shot by Adam Kennedy fell short. Wind assisted Shamrocks kept in touch by adding points but Garrycastle had the upper hand at halftime leading by 2-6 to 0- 9.

In the second half Garrycastle quickly increased the lead to 6 points which they held on to til the end. It was a workman like win by the Castle with some good moves but with aspects of play that management will need to work on.

Garrycastle: Sean Brennan, Mathew Guiheen, Jack Donohoe, Gary McCallon, Bill Kelly, John Gaffey, Mark McCallon, Eoin Monaghan, James Sheeran (0-1), Conor Cosgrove (1-3), Tom O'Halloran (0-2) , Michael Monaghan (0-1), Cathal Mannion (0-1), Adam Kennedy, Alex Gardiner (1-4).

Subs: Doran Harte for Cathal Mannion; Jason Nugent for Conor Cosgrove; Kenny Dolan for Adam Kennedy; Brian Ruane for Michael Monaghan.

ACFL Div 4 [10 July 2021]

Garrycastle 0-17 Ballinagore 2-08

This was a good competitive game that ebbed and flowed. Just when Garrycastle were building up a lead they were opened up with a goal midway through the first half but recovered well to lead by 3 points at half time. The 2nd half followed a similar pattern. There was just 3 points between the teams at the end as Ballinagore refused to give up but Garrycastle did well to see out the game in a controlled fashion. There's plenty to work to do for the team but a hard fought and well earned win in the end.

Garrycastle: P. McKiernan, J. O'Shea-Sharkey, F.McKiernan, S. Carey, C. Lyons, B. Kelly, T. Stephens, J. O'Brien (0-1), B. Ruane (0-2), E. Keena (0-2), C. O'Neill (0-2), C. Duignan, K. Dolan (0-1), G. Heneghan (0-6), P. Mulvihill.

Subs: C Redmond (0-1) for C Lyons; U Oviawe for J. O'Shea-Sharkey; D Rushe(0-1) for P. Mulvihill; Adam Keena (0-1) for C. Duignan.

Cross County League (Div 1) [25 June 2021]

St Lomans, Mullingar 3-09 Garrrycastle 1-14

This game finished soon after Alex Gardner's converted penalty left the Garrycastle contingent congratulating each other on a great comeback by the team to earn a draw. However the joy was short lived when the referee announced a one point win for Lomans - 1-14 to 3-9, we thought it was 1-15 to 3-9.

The story of the match was a leaky defence conceding goals in the first half and brave fightbacks by a battling under strength Garrycastle outfit. Lomans goals came in the 3rd , 19th and 30th minutes while in between Garrycastle were tacking on points. The halftime score was 3-3 to 0-7.

In the second half Garrycastle tightened up the defence and were battling hard to reduce the deficit but were failing to reduce it below three points. With time running out we felt that a goal was needed to salvage anything from the game. A short passing Garrycastle movement ended with a foot block and a penalty being awarded which Alex Gardiner converted. Two minutes later the final whistle sounded with the referee's notebook having us a point behind. In spite of the goal setbacks the team showed a great battling spirit in fighting back each time. Adam Kennedy playing at full forward proved to be an effective target man and caused the Lomans defence plenty of trouble. A worrying feature of the game was injuries to Anthony Larkin, Doran Harte and Jason Nugent adding to an already high injury toll in the club. All in all it was useful preparation for championship.

GARRYCASTLE:- Shane Moran; Mathew Guiheen (0-1); Jack Donohoe; Anthony Larkin; Bill Kelly; Doran Harte; Jason Nugent (0-1); Eoin Monaghan; Alex Gardiner (1-6); Cathal Mannion (0-1); Conor Cosgrove (0-2); Michael Monaghan (0-1); Mickey Greene; Adam Kennedy (0-2); Ger Henaghan (0-1).

Subs: Enda Keena for Anthony Larkin; Ciaran ONeill for Jason Nugent; Brian Ruane for Doran Harte; Kenny Dolan for Ger Henaghan.

All County Football League (Div 4B) [27 June 2021]

Garrycastle 6-8 Rosemount 3-10

A goal feast by Kenny Dolan in the first 5 minutes of the second half during which he hit the net 3 times to add to the one he got in the first half, was the deciding play in this game. To make matters worse for Rosemount, another goal from Peadar Mulvihill and a Ger Heneghan point left them 9 points behind before they got their first 2nd half score, 9 minutes into the half. Play was mostly even until the end and a late penalty reduced the lead to 7 points.

The first half had been even enough with both sides having periods of dominance. A Rosemount goal just before halftime gave them a three point lead at the break, 2-6 to 2-3, the second Garrycastle goal coming from Enda Keena.

GARRYCASTLE:- Patrick McKiernan, Sean Carey, Conor McKiernan, John Dylan O'Shea, Cian Dowling, Gary Mullery, Cathal Redmond, Ciaran O'Neill, Brian Ruane, Enda Keena, Ger Henaghan, Peadar Mulvihill, Philip Maloney, John O'Brien, Kenny Dolan. Subs Adam Keena for Cian Dowling, Shane Moran for Brian Ruane (injured).

ACFL Div 1B [11 June 2021]

Garrycastle 2-08 Rosemount 1-10

In the first game of the year Garrycastle came away from Rosemount with 2 league points after surviving a late comeback. Garrycastle s last score came in the 47th minute which gave them a 7 point lead and with an extra man, after a Rosemount player had received a red card, a comfortable win was expected. However that was anything but the case as Rosemount came storming back into the game. Helped by a penalty in the 54th minute they pressed hard and with the lead cut to a point time ran out on them.

Playing against a strong wind in the first half the Garrycastle players found scores hard to come by early on. Rosemount got the first two points before Cathal Mannion opened the Garrycastle tally with a sweet point off his left after 10 minutes. Tom O'Halloran netted when the ball was recycled after his first shot was off target. Anther goal came from a penalty by Tom o'Halloran when Mark McCallon was fouled. Two frees from Cathal Mannion completed Garrycastle's first half tally to leave the halftime score 2-3 to O-5 in our favour.

Rosemount had a man black carded at the end of the first half. In the third quarter Garrycastle were on top and outscored Rosemount by 0-5 to 0-2, the points coming from Michael Monaghan, Adam Kennedy, Mickey Greene, Conor Cosgrove and Jason Nugent. In addition, Rosemount had a player sent off for a double yellow. Garrycastle lost their shape and were under a lot of pressure in the last 10 minutes as Rosemount ran at them. The late stages of the game were uncomfortable for Garrycastle and the final whistle was very welcome.

GARRYCASTLE:- Sean Brennan, Mathew Guiheen, Jack Donohoe, Fergal McKiernan, Jason Nugent (0-1), John Gaffey, Mark McCallon, Eoin Monaghan, Eoin Mulvihill, Conor Cosgrove (0-1), Tom O'Halloran (2-0, 1-0 pen), Michael Monaghan (0-1), Cathal Mannion (0-2, 0-1f), Adam Kennedy (0-1), Ger Henaghan (0-1). Subs Mickey Greene (0-1) for Ger Henaghan: Kieran O'Neill for Adam Kennedy.

ACFL Div 4B [12 June 2021]

St Pauls 0-12 Garrycastle 0-08

Our division 4 team made the long trip to Clonmellon on Saturday evening and came away empty handed. St Pauls started on top and scored the first 4 points. Garrycastle s first point came in the 15th minute from a Ciaran O'Neill free and Brian Ruane and Kenny Dolan added two more in the next 10 minutes. Pauls increased their lead to two points before 2 late points from Philip Maloney and Brian Ruane levelled the game at 5 points each at halftime.

In the first 20 minutes of the second half Pauls added 6 points to their tally to lead by 6. It wasn't until the 55th minute that Garrycastle s first 2nd half point came from Philip Monaghan followed by 2 more from Ciaran O'Neill and Adam Kennedy. Paul's added a point to leave 4 points between the sides at fulltime.

This was a disappointing result but with more games this team can improve.

GARRYCASTLE: Shane Moran, Gary Mullery, Fergal McKiernan, Cillian Lyons, Unity Oviawe, Anthony Larkin, Cathal Redmond, John O'Brien, Conor McKiernan, Brian Ruane (0-2), Ciaran O'Neill (0-2, 0-1f), Daniel Guinan, Kenny Dolan (0-1), Adam Kennedy (0-1), Philip Maloney (0-1).

SUBS: Bill Kelly for Daniel Guinan (injured); Philip Monaghan (0-1) for Philip Maloney; Conor Duignan for Brian Ruane; Sean Carey for Unity Oviawe.