Childrens Christmas Party

Some photos from the annual Kids Christmas Party for all of the younger players and their brothers and sisters in the clubhouse. A huge crowd turned out on the night, and were well entertained by Bozo the clown, with his balloon animals, hats, swords, and anything else that could be crafted by the imagination, and balloons!

The ladies from Athlone Tonnta were on hand to do face painting for all and sundry, and never were so many Frozen princesses to be seen in one place! One of the highlights of the face painting was a beautiful "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer", literally drawn on a nose!

With lost of food, drinks and fun-and-games on offer, great excitement built up while waiting for the great man himself to appear. And, on cue, Santa himself arrived, and led the assembled kids in a rousing rendition of some Christmas carols. As the kids all queued to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, Santa's elves took notes in his great book, so that nothing would be forgotten on Christmas Eve. All of the kids got a little gift from Santa as they left.