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Summer Street League 2014

Teams (and playing colours)

Team: DRAGONS (playing in Green). Manager: Lorraine Gaynor

 Under-8    Under-7
 Jack Allen
 Oisin Deehan
 Adam Lennon
 Moya McKiernan
 Gearoid McCarthy
 Jonathan Flannery
   James McHugh
 Rian Gaynor
 Leo Nolan
 Conor McCormack
 Keelan Ward
 Daniel Kelly

Team : TIGERS, (playing in White). Manager: Darragh Shine

Under-8    Under-7
 David Carter
 Brandon Devaney
 Killian Keegan
 Nathan Kelly
 Kayleigh Clyne
 Harry Daniel
 Anthony Mannion
 Jazmen Rafiz
   Niadh Shine
 Evan Leonard
 Van McCay
 Conor Deeney
 Craig Walsh
 Marco Magliocco
 Ryan Carberry

Team : SHARKS (playing in (Yellow). Manager: Chris McKeon

Under-8    Under-7
 Kyle Greene
 Dean Grehan
 Evan McMickan
 Dervla Turley
 Nathan McKeon
 Josh McLoughlin-Whoriskey
 Daniel Sierpinski
   Andrew Henson
 Sean Galvin
 Rory McMickan
 Evan Turley
 Callum Hudson
 Matthew Hardiman
 Conor McCormack

Team : LIONS (playing in Orange). Manager: Ger O'Donoghue

Under-8    Under-7
 Sean O'Donoghue
 Tom Sheehan
 Kealan McNamara
 Lee McDonald
 Luke Duffy
   Dylan Frawley
 Aaron Keegan
 Cian Norris
 Matthew Reynolds
 Oisin O'Donoghue
 Adrian Kempa
 Alex Connor

Schedule and Results

 May 21
 Round - 1  DRAGONS (Green)     16   TIGERS (White)  2
   Round - 1  LIONS (Orange)  4  SHARKS (Yellow)  3
   Round - 2  DRAGONS (Green)  4  LIONS (Orange)  9
   Round - 2  TIGERS (White)  2  SHARKS (Yellow)  9
 Wed, May 28  Round - 3  DRAGONS (Green)   13  SHARKS (Yellow)  6
   Round - 3  LIONS (Orange)  13  TIGERS (White)  2
  Round - 4 TIGERS (White) 6 DRAGONS (Green) 5
  Round - 4 SHARKS (Yellow) 2 LIONS (Orange) 18
 Wed, June 4 Round - 5 SHARKS (Yellow) 8 DRAGONS (Green) 6
  Round - 5 LIONS (Orange) 8 TIGERS (White) 7
   Round - 6  SHARKS (Yellow)  9  TIGERS (White)  8
   Round - 6  DRAGONS (Green)  12  LIONS (Orange)  6
 Wed, June 11 Play-off DRAGONS (Green) 8 SHARKS (Yellow) 4
 Sun, June 15 Cup Final DRAGONS (Green) 2 LIONS (Orange) 14
  Shield Final TIGERS (White) 8 (AET) SHARKS (Yellow) 4

Cup Winners 2014 :     LIONS

Shield Winners 2014 :     TIGERS

Photos from the Finals Day :

Under-8 Street League Finals 2014

League Table

This table was last updated on: Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

 Team  Played  Won  Drew  Lost  For  Against  Points
 LIONS (Orange) 6 501583410
 DRAGONS (Green)  6  30356376
 SHARKS (Yellow)  6  30337516
 TIGERS (White) 6 10527602

Rules etc.

  1. Games are played on a pitch sized 30m x 45m (same as U8 Go Games).
  2. All matches are 2 x 10-minute halves.
  3. The street league to be run over 3 evenings, with a finals day on June 15th.
  4. Each team will play 2 matches each evening - they will play all teams twice over the 3 evenings.
  5. Scores will be kept, and a league table created to reflect the match results.
  6. Games will be 8-a-side (or 7-a-side or 9-a-side as dictated by numbers present).
    All players who attend should play some part of the match.
  7. All scores are the same (i.e. goals and points are the same).
  8. For finals day, the first two teams in the league will play in a "cup final".
    The teams in third and fourth place will play in a "shield final".
  9. All players will get medals, (or trophies), depending on cost etc