Bingo Rules, Terms and Conditions

Garrycastle GAA Club Online Zoom Bingo - Rules, Terms & Conditions

[dated: 15/03/2021]

  1. All Bingo Books purchased are non-transferable. When you purchase a Bingo book, that Bingo book is in play for that Bingo night. It is your responsibility to order for the correct night.

  2. The date the Bingo Book is valid for is printed on the top of the Bingo book.

  3. On purchase of Bingo book(s) you will receive a confirmation email with the purchase details. Please retain this purchase confirmation is case of any issues with receiving your Bingo book(s).

  4. It is the players responsibility to ensure that you specify your correct email address. Your purchased Bingo books will be sent to the specified email address. Garrycastle GAA Club takes no responsibility for any problems with distributing Bingo books, caused by incorrectly specified email addresses.

  5. Bingo books will be delivered in two sets.

    1. For Bingo books purchased before 6pm on TUESDAY, they will be delivered on WEDNESDAY.

    2. For Bingo books purchased between 6pm on TUESDAY and 12 Noon on Thursday, they will be delivered on THURSDAY afternoon. Please allow up to 3 hours for delivery of your Bingo books

  6. Sales for the Bingo will close at 12 Noon on THURSDAY. Any Bingo books bought after that time will be valid for the following week’s Bingo game.

  7. It is the players responsibility to ensure they have the Zoom application installed on the device they will use to access the online Bingo. The Zoom application is available at Garrycastle GAA Club does not provide any support for any technical issues with the Zoom application.

  8. For any issues with your received Bingo books please send an email to Attach the confirmation order you received when you purchased the Bingo book(s). This should be done as soon as you notice any issue, but must in all cases be done before 7pm on the bingo night.

  9. The Bingo will start at 8pm SHARP on the night. The Zoom channel will be open from 7:45pm onwards.

  10. Players on the zoom channel must keep their microphones muted during the Bingo game. Players should only unmute if they have a check.

  11. Details of the prize fund on offer for the Bingo game may be seen on the club website at

  12. In the event that more than one check is called on a 1-Line, 2-Lines, House, or Jackpot prize, the prize money will be equally divided between the winners. The minimum amount payable in the case of a shared prize will be €20.

  13. All winnings will be paid by bank transfer to your bank account.

  14. If you are a winner, you must claim your winnings by sending the following information by email to
    Name of Account Holder :
    Your email Address :
    Date of Bingo Game :
    Game Number :
    Panel Number :
    Amount of Winnings :
    Your Bank IBAN details :

    Note you will normally find your Bank IBAN details on a bank statement, or via your online banking application.

  15. All winnings must be claimed by 5pm on the day after the Bingo game (FRIDAY).

  16. All winnings will be processed as soon as possible. Please note it can take up to 3 working days for transfers to go through, depending on the receiving bank.

  17. Once the Bingo is complete, you should delete any used Bingo books from your email inbox to guard against any future mix-up using the wrong Bingo books.

  18. Any abusive behaviour by a player, spoken or written, during a Bingo game, may at the Bingo game hosts discretion, result in the player being removed from the online Bingo game.

  19. For any enquiries relating to the Garrycastle GAA Club Online Zoom Bingo, please contact Garrycastle GAA Club using email at, or by WhatsApp to 0851475090. These are the only channels provided for this purpose. Communications sent to any other Garrycastle GAA Club email account or WhatsApp number may not be responded to.

  20. The decision of the Garrycastle GAA Club committee will be binding in all matters relating to the online Zoom Bingo game.