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Garrycastle GAA Club Weekly Lotto Draw Rules

  1. The Lotto ticket numbers are 1-30 inclusive and four numbers are to be selected on the Lotto ticket to compete in the draw. Garrycastle Lotto envelope, ticket from Garrycastle Lotto ticket book, Garrycastle GAA Lotto online entries via website or up to date paid entries in the periodic Lotto subscription form are referred to as tickets for the purpose of the Lotto draw rules

  2. All tickets must be presented to the organising committee before 8.30pm on the night of the draw. Online Lotto entries close at 7.30 pm on the night of the draw. The weekly draw will normally take place on Monday nights, except where Monday is a Public Holiday, in which case the draw will be held on the Tuesday night

  3. Tickets not properly marked will be deemed void. For example, tickets will be deemed void where numbers are not clearly marked, where there are more or less than four numbers marked, or where no name appears on the ticket. A €2 single Lotto entry must be entered in a single panel on the Lotto envelope to be a valid entry

  4. Tickets for which payment has not been received prior to the draw are deemed void.  

  5. The Jackpot will commence at €2,000 and will increase by €250 each week until it is won. It will then revert to €2,000 the following week. 

  6. In a week when the Jackpot is not won, those matching three numbers will win or share €100. The minimum Match-3 prize is €20.  

  7. In a week when the Jackpot is not won – and there are no Match-3 winners, the €100 will be carried over to the following week’s Match-3 prize. 

  8. In a week when the Jackpot is won – no Match-3 winners will be paid out. 

  9. The maximum jackpot is €20,000. When the Jackpot reaches €20,000 it will remain at that figure until it is won. The fund for Match-3 prizes will then be increased to €200 until the Jackpot is won. 

  10. A seller’s prize of €100 will be paid to the seller of the winning Jackpot ticket for a Jackpot upto and including €5,000. For a Jackpot over €5,000 and up to and including €10,000, the seller’s prize is €200. For a Jackpot over €10,000, the seller’s prize is €300. If the Jackpot is shared, the seller’s prize will also be shared.  

  11. Garrycastle GAA Club will pay out only in respect of winning tickets that have been presented on time and have not been deemed to be void. 

  12. Any claim must be made within 14 days of the draw. 

  13. Winning numbers and names will be displayed in selected places each week. They will also be displayed on the club website and will be included in the club notes in the local press. 

  14. The decision of the Garrycastle GAA Club committee will be binding in all matters relating to the draw. 

  15. By purchasing a ticket, the ticket-holder agrees to abide by these rules. 
These rules were amended, proposed & adopted at a meeting of Garrycastle GAA Club on March 13th, 2018.