Fixtures 2019

Group Phase Fixtures:

 Round - 1  Match Week :  Sept. 1st to Sept. 7th

 Group-A  Garrycastle  Garrycastle  v  Moate All-Whites
 Group-A  The Downs  The Downs  v  St. Marys R'bridge
 Group-B  Milltownpass  Milltownpass  v  Millmore Gaels
 Group-B  Athlone  Athlone  v  St. Manchan Gaels
 Group-C Maryland or Tang Maryland/Tang v Shandonagh
 Group-C Tubberclair Tubberclair v Clara
 Group-D Springfield Mullingar Shamrocks v Lilliput Gaels
 Group-D Kinnegad Coralstown/Kinnegad v Caulry

 Round - 2  Match Week :  Sept. 8th to Sept. 15th

 Group-A  Moate  Moate All-Whites  v  The Downs
 Group-A  Rochfortbridge  St. Marys R'bridge  v  Garrycastle
 Group-B  Milltown or Ballymore  Millmore Gaels  v  Athlone
 Group-B  TBC  St. Manchan Gaels  v  Milltownpass
 Group-C Clara Clara v Maryland/Tang
 Group-C Shandonagh Shandonagh v Tubberclair
 Group-D Caulry Caulry v Mullingar Shamrocks
 Group-D TBC Lilliput Gaels v Coralstown/Kinnegad

 Round - 3  Match Week :  Sept. 16th to Sept. 23rd

 Group-A  Rochfortbridge  St. Marys, R'bridge  v  Moate All-Whites
 Group-A  Garrycastle  Garrycastle  v  The Downs
 Group-B  Athlone  Athlone  v  Milltownpass
 Group-B  Milltown or Ballymore  Millmore Gaels  v  St. Manchan Gaels
 Group-C Shandonagh Shandonagh v Clara
 Group-C Maryland or Tang Maryland / Tang v Tubberclair
 Group-D TBC Lilliput Gaels v Caulry
 Group-D Kinnegad Coralstown/Kinnegad v Mullingar Shamrocks

Tournament Semi-Finals:

Week of Sept. 30th to Oct. 6th

Cup Semi-Finals: 

(1) Winner Group-A vs Winner Group C
(2) Winner Group B vs Winner Group D

Cup Final: Winner (1) vs Winner (2)

Shield Semi-Finals:

(3) Second in Group-A vs Second in Group-C
(4) Second in Group-B vs Second in Group-D

Shield Final: Winner (3) vs Winner (4)

Plate Semi-Finals:

(5) Third in Group-A vs Third in Group-C
(6) Third in Group-B vs Third in Group-D

Plate Final:  Winner (5) vs Winner (6)

Trophy Semi-Finals:

(7) Fourth in Group-A vs Fourth in Group-C
(8) Fourth in Group-B vs Fourth in Group-D

Trophy Final: Winner (7) vs Winner (8)

Tournament Finals:

Dates and Times to be confirmed.

Cup Final: Winner (1) vs Winner (2)

Shield Final: Winner (3) vs Winner (4)

Plate Final:  Winner (5) vs Winner (6)

Trophy Final: Winner (7) vs Winner (8)