Fixture List - 2014


All Finals will be played in Garrycastle.

  Saturday, October 25th 
 Time Competition 

 5:30pm Memorial Plate Millmore Gaels v St. Malachys/Ballinagore
 7:00pm Memorial Shield Caulry v Garrycastle

 8:00pm Memorial Cup Tang v Moate All-Whites

Semi-Final Fixtures:

All Semi-Finals will be played in Garrycastle.

  Saturday, October 18th 
 Time Competition 

 5:30pm Memorial Plate St. Marys R'bridge v St.Malachys/Ball'gore
 6:45pm Memorial Cup Moate All-Whites v Tyrellspass

 8:00pm Memorial Shield Garrycastle v Tubberclair

  Wednesday, October 15th 
 Time Competition 

 6:00pm Memorial Plate Maryland v Millmore Gaels
 7:00pm Memorial Shield Kilbeggan/St.Josephs v Caulry

 8:00pm Memorial Cup Rosemount v Tang

Group Phase Fixtures:
 Round - 1  Match Week :  Sept. 7th to 13th

 Group-1  Garrycastle  Garrycastle  v  St.Marys R'bridge
 Group-1  Kilbeggan  Kilbeggan / St.Josephs  v  Rosemount
 Group-1  Moate  Moate All-Whites  v  Maryland
 Group-2  Tang  Tang  v  Tubberclair
 Group-2  Ballinagore  St.Malachys/Ball'gore
 v  Millmore Gaels
 Group-2  Tyrellspass  Tyrellspass  v  Caulry

 Round - 2  Match Week :  Sept. 14th to 20th

 Group-1  Rochfortbridge  St.Marys R'bridge  v  Maryland
 Group-1  Rosemount  Rosemount  v  Garrycastle
 Group-1  Kilbeggan  Kilbeggan / St.Josephs  v  Moate All-Whites
 Group-2  Tang  Tang  v  Millmore Gaels
 Group-2  Tubberclair  Tubberclair  v  Caulry
 Group-2  Ballinagore  St.Malachys/Ball'gore  v  Tyrellspass

 Round - 3  Match Week :  Sept. 21st to 27th

 Group-1  Maryland  Maryland  v  Garrycastle
 Group-1  Rochfortbridge  St.Marys R'bridge  v  Kilbeggan / St.Josephs
 Group-1  Rosemount  Rosemount  v  Moate All-Whites
 Group-2  Caulry  Caulry  v  Millmore Gaels
 Group-2  Tyrellspass  Tyrellspass  v  Tubberclair
 Group-2  Ballinagore  St.Malachys/Ball'gore  v  Tang

 Round - 4  Match Week :  Sept. 28th to Oct. 4th

 Group-1  Garrycastle  Garrycastle  v  Kilbeggan / St.Josephs
 Group-1  Moate  Moate All-Whites  v  St.Marys R'bridge
 Group-1  Maryland  Maryland  v  Rosemount
 Group-2  Tyrellspass  Tyrellspass  v  Tang
 Group-2  Caulry  Caulry  v  St.Malachys/Ball'gore
 Group-2  Ballymore  Millmore Gaels  v  Tubberclair

 Round - 5  Match Week :  Oct. 5th to Oct. 11th

 Group-1  Garrycastle  Garrycastle  v  Moate All-Whites
 Group-1  Kilbeggan  Kilbeggan / St.Josephs  v  Maryland
 Group-1  Rosemount  Rosemount  v  St.Marys R'bridge
 Group-2  Tang  Tang  v  Caulry
 Group-2  Tubberclair  Tubberclair  v  St.Malachys/Ball'gore
 Group-2  Ballymore  Millmore Gaels  v  Tyrellspass

Semi-Final Fixtures:

Played between October 13th and 17th in Garrycastle - TBC

Finals Fixtures:

To be played over the weekend of October 18th.