County Under-8 Blitz in Caulry

posted 9 May 2015, 15:58 by Garrycastle GAA   [ updated 9 May 2015, 15:59 ]
The Garrycastle Under-8 squad traveled the short distance to Caulry on Saturday morning to take part in the latest round of County Under-8 football blitzes, competing with Caulry and Moate All-Whites. 

The Garrycastle squad was much depleted with more than half of the squad absent due to being involved in First Communion celebrations on the day. However, this in turn gave many of the younger players a chance, and on the day we still had a great turnout of 20 players, allowing 2 teams to be fielded giving all of the players present as much match time as possible. 

The Garrycastle "Green" team played against their counterparts from the Moate All-Whites and Caulry. Both matches featured some great football, with great displays from Andrew Henson and the two Conor McCormacks. In both matches the Garrycastle team was a little too strong for their opponents. 

The Garrycastle "Red" team also played against their counterparts from Caulry and Moate All-Whites. Again, two great games of football were served up, with the players showcasing the skills they are learning at training, and divided the spoils on the day, being narrowly defeated by Caulry, while enjoying success against the All-Whites. 

Overall, an excellent performance from the clubs youngest team, showing the rewards of the effort they put in at training, with some fantastic pick ups, tackling and shooting on display. 

Thanks to Karl Henson, Ger O'Donoghue, Roy Glennon and Michael Mulvihill for looking after the teams on the morning, and to the  Caulry club for a well organised and enjoyable football blitz played in a proper sporting spirit. 

Teams on the day: 
Garrycastle "Green" Team: Vivaan Gupta, Oisin O'Donoghue, Andrew Henson, Callum Hudson, Conor McCormack, Conor McCormack, Martin Stephens, Rhys Larkin, Amelie Henson, Jack Dowling 
Garrycastle "Red" Team: Dylan Somers, Jack McCallon-Tucker, Oisin Mulvihill, Van McCay, Katelyn Devlin-Gaffey, Vidhur Varma Dandu, Sam Heaton, Cristian Alex Lazarescu, Ronan Croughan.