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Dollar Daly

The following homage to the great Dollar Daly appeared in the Souvenir Scrapbook, put together by Martin Carey for the All-Ireland Club Football final in March 2012.

It immortalizes an audacious score in the second round of the county championship against near neighbours Athlone, in Tang, on May 15th, 2011. A "Wonder Strike" as the headline in the Westmeath Independent at the time called it.

For the record, the game ended in a win for Garrycastle, on a scoreline of Garrycastle 1-14, Athlone 2-6.

Words by Martin Carey, Picture courtesy of Ashley Cahill, [ AC Sports Images, ].

Enjoy !

Dollar Daly

Now the Castle had a player that everyone admired
Temporarily lazy and permanently tired 
Legs like tree trunks holding up his head 
And a belly like a poisoned pup so well had he been fed 
Cunny slyly said “We've underrated him, why not train him” 
Then they took a rag 
They rubbed him, scrubbed him, 
They oiled and embrocated him 
Got him on the field 
When the linesman dropped his flag 
There was Quinny pushin' him, shovin' him, shushin' him 
Fallon, Murray and everyone in town 
Lined up, attackin' him and shovin' him and smackin' him 
They might as well have tried to push the Town Hall down 
The Dollar was eyein' them, 
Openly defyin' them 
Winkin', blinkin' and twistin’ on a pole 
Quinny reversin' him, everybody cursin' him 
The day Dollar Daly scored that wonder goal. 

The muscles of the mighty never known to flinch 
They couldn't mark the Dollar or give him half an inch 
Quinny lay exhausted, hangin' round his throat 
With a grip just like a Scotchman on a five pound note 
Darter, Harter, placed it on a pin for him
When Daly saw it, he was willin' then 
He raced up, braced up, ready for the pass from him 
They started off to mark him, but he codded them again!! 
And there was Dollar grabbin' it, tappin' it, shootin' it 
Dolan, Duignan and Mary Ann McGrath 
Goalie darted pokin’ it, parryed’ it and pushed’ it 
Daly kicked it in the goals and he laughed hee-hah 
The Fáilers and Fingaelers, 
The radical Sinn Féiners,
Farmers and bankers, 
They hurried to extol
Stood there in unity, 
Cheering the community 
The day Dollar Daly scored that wonder goal. 

The crowd began to cheer him, then Sheridan, the judge 
He came up to check on him, but the umpire wouldn't budge 
And the manager who was coachin' them, big John Gateley 
Was so thoroughly disgusted that he went and had his tea 
Branigan, Fagan were students of biology 
Swore they'd lift’ him with some dynamite
They cheered him, praised him, when without apology 
The Dollar scissorkicked, and blew the whole lot out of sight 
There was Quinny pushin' him, shovin' him, shushin' him 
Fallon, Murray and all the Athlone crew 
Subs, and auxiliary, 
The Castle artillery 
The Junior Intermediates and the water boys too 
They praised him, acclaimed him,
They picked him up and carried him 
Cheered him, steered him to the winnin' hall
They all acclaimed his sheer class
Nothing surely will surpass  
The day Dollar Daly scored that wonder goal.

Dollar Daly overhead kick for goal - used with permission from Ashley Cahill,
Picture courtesy of Ashley Cahill, [ AC Sports Images, ].